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The Moon Field Guide

The Moon Field Guide

$ 20.00


"In beholding the mirror of the moon, we are seeing an echo of the sunlight that was cast many years ago—light-years—and which falls down upon us, the echo of an echo, encasing us as if in amber."

— Rick Bass

For all of human history, the Moon has captured the world’s imagination. In this tribute volume, Wildsam explores the shared wonder of our celestial neighbor via archival storytelling, astronomical insight, essays, interviews and more. Stories, intel and lore, including:

  • The History of Rocket Technology
  • Apollo Astronauts of Renown
  • A Short History of Lunar Photography
  • Presidential Aspirations and the Space Race 

  • The Moon in Literature, Music and Film

  • Theologians and the Heavens

  • Poetry of the Moon

  • Personal Memories of Apollo 11

  • An Interview with Mission Control
  • Conspiracy Theorists and Moon Legends