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Candle | 1642

Candle | 1642

$ 65.00

One of Courtney's personal favorites, 1642 is a tribute to 17th-century vanitas paintings. It awakens the perfumes of Flemish artist Adriaen Van Utrecht's Vanitas - Still Life with Bouquet and Skull (1642), proceeding from a base of cedarwood to rich notes of blackberry and violet that are deepened by patchouli and peony. “It is androgynous, old fashioned, unusual and dusty,” says creator Elise Pioch, “a way to experience the painting through senses other than sight.”

Also available as a Scented Water.  

Maison Balzac is a house of bespoke and ceremonious objects for everyday life, offering an illuminated collection of luxury soy wax candles and scents. While based in Sydney, Australia, each product is developed as an ode to memories from founder Elise Pioch's childhood in the South of France.

  • Burn Time: approximately 65 hours
  • 3.7” high, 3.3” diameter