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Cameroon Juju | Tomato

Cameroon Juju | Tomato

$ 395.00

The Juju Hat or the Bamileke as they are called in Cameroon have come a long way from being traditional ceremonial headdresses to adorning beautiful homes as artful wall hangings.

Intricately made by villagers in rural Cameroon each hat is unique and takes 2-3 days to complete. The master weavers make the hats during the dry months of the year so the grass and feathers can properly dry. The grass base is delicately woven to create a strong backing for the wood slats which form a large circular platform for the cured and dyed feathers. Finally, each feather is fitted and placed one at a time.

For hundreds of years, the Bamileke tribes have created these hats for tribal chiefs, royal families and dignitaries to wear during ceremonies. When an elder dies, then hat is then passed down to the next in line who often inherits the wealth and standing of that individual.

  • 28" diameter