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Nothing Has Changed: Portraits of the US

Nothing Has Changed: Portraits of the US

$ 65.00

  • A photographic portrait of America today in the spirit of Robert Frank and Dennis Hopper, shot with analogue 35mm film
  • Documents traces of 'Old America' and highlights the charisma and spirit of the country
  • Preface by The Black Keys singer and guitarist Dan Auerbach
"All people need to be seen." - Bruce Davidson.

"America is still out there - You just have to look for it." - Larry Niehues.

"I'm proud to say I'm from the USA because I've really seen it with my own eyes - all the beauty and the destruction, the tradition and the innovation, the loud cities and the quiet little spaces." - Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys).

Larry Niehues, a French-born photographer who lives in the United States, traveled around the country for 5 years photographing modern day America while seeking out the continuing presence of a timeless post-war 'old America'. Photographed using 35mm film, his portraits of people and iconic small town life (motels, diners, gas stations, cars), evoke mid-century American life in a way that is both authentic and powerful in the tradition of William Eggleston, Dennis Hopper, Bruce Davidson, and Robert Frank.