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Roar!: A Collection of Mighty Women

Roar!: A Collection of Mighty Women

$ 45.00

Ashley Longshore’s pop art paintings are never shy of daring. Her art makes noise, and her singular portraits feature legendary stateswomen, artists, and notable women from all walks of life. On the heels of I Do Not Cook, I Do Not Clean, I Do Not Fly Commercial, the critically-acclaimed artist now turns her eye toward badass women throughout history with Roar!: A Collection of Mighty Women.

This striking and vibrant book features inspirational portraits of some of the most culturally seminal women in history, including Marie Curie, Maya Angelou, Mother Teresa, Peggy Guggenheim, First Lady Michelle Obama, Greta Thunberg, Queen Elizabeth II, Cleopatra, Rosa Parks, Frida Kahlo, Josephine Baker, Amanda Gorman, and even Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.

Bright, fun, and timely, Roar! is sure to be the perfect gift for women of all ages.

  • 9.375” x 12.5”
  • 224 pages, 150 color illustrations
  • Hardcover