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The Moon Field Guide

The Moon Field Guide

$ 20.00


"In beholding the mirror of the moon, we are seeing an echo of the sunlight that was cast many years ago—light-years—and which falls down upon us, the echo of an echo, encasing us as if in amber."

— Rick Bass

WANING, WAXING, AND WONDERFUL! For all of human history, the Moon has captured the world’s imagination. A must for every admirer of the night sky, the guide is a cover-to-cover collection of how the moon captured the world's imagination as told by astronauts, scientists, artists, journalists, and more. Learn about the history of rocket technology; discover how literature, music, and film express lunar love; and dive deep into conspiracy theories and legends in this all-encompassing tribute to our celestial neighbor. Stories, intel and lore, including:

  • The History of Rocket Technology
  • Apollo Astronauts of Renown
  • A Short History of Lunar Photography
  • Presidential Aspirations and the Space Race 

  • The Moon in Literature, Music and Film

  • Theologians and the Heavens

  • Poetry of the Moon

  • Personal Memories of Apollo 11

  • An Interview with Mission Control
  • Conspiracy Theorists and Moon Legends