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Bamileke Table

Bamileke Table

$ 598.00

This Bamileke Table is fit for royalty — literally. Referred to as the King's Stool, the Bamileke is a work of art.

A centuries-old custom originating in Central Africa, these sculptural beauties would traditionally have functioned as seating for Cameroonian rulers during special ceremonies. Each one was handcarved from a single piece of wood into an open, lattice-like pattern known as the spider design. Rich in symbolism, this design is a reference to the earth spider — a type of arachnid that dwelled underground and therefore represented a link between our world and the ancestors that went before us.

Today, we love our Bamileke Tables adding a touch of unique texture to a global-chic living room as a side or coffee table. True handmade treasures, no two are exactly alike and slight variations in shape, size and weathered details should be expected.


  • Handcarved wood with weathered charcoal finish
  • Dimensions: approximately 19" diameter x 15"H
  • This item requires special delivery. Shipping costs are not included at checkout and vary depending on location. For a custom quote or shipping recommendations, please contact us.