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Barista Gift Box

Barista Gift Box

$ 151.00

Rise and shine for the morning grind! The perfect gift for the at-home barista. 

Our answer to the seemingly universal hostess gift conundrum. The aim is to express heartfelt gratitude, and in that spirit, we’ve handpicked some of our best-sellers to create this personal, thoughtful —and appropriately warming— set.

The Barista Box includes:

  • 4 of our favorite (and newly restocked after selling out in record timing!) stoneware mugs. Those pretty stripes you see are hand-painted—and yes, dishwasher friendly.
  • a bottle of ginger syrup to add a spicy kick-start to the morning or pitch perfect come happy hour. The non-alcoholic syrup is inspired by traditional European bistro sweeteners and botanical aromatic bitters and aperitifs, perfect for spritzes, tea, cocktails, lemonade, or drizzling over delightful sweet treats.
  • a carved spoon crafted from buffalo horn made to stir up the charm.